Orthodontic Appliances

Palatal Expander
A palatal expander, also known as a rapid palatal expander, rapid maxillary expansion appliance, palate expander or orthodontic expander, is used to widen the upper jaw so that the bottom and upper teeth will fit together better.

The Herbst appliance is used to correct overbites due to lack of development of the lower jaw. It is cemented in place which eliminates cooperation. Simple braces cannot achieve this correction. The appliance can be adjusted by the orthodontist to create the ideal position of the lower jaw to the upper teeth.

Distal Jet
The Distal Jet is an appliance used on the upper teeth to fix a Class II bite (upper teeth forward of the lower teeth). The Distal Jet sits on the palate of the mouth and is banded to the molars. A spring attached to the acrylic body of the Distal Jet applies continuous force to the molars. This force is what moves the teeth to the back of the mouth. The treatment time for the Distal Jet is shorter than for other appliances that do the same job because it is a fixed appliance and maintains continual force against the teeth.

Quad Helix
The Quad Helix is checked and expanded approximately once every six to eight weeks. After the expansion is complete, the Quad Helix will remain in the mouth until the expansion is stable. Patients may feel mild discomfort for a couple of days. The tongue and cheeks have to make adjustments to the new appliance. Speaking and eating will require patience and time getting used to your appliance. Avoid hard foods and sticky foods. You will be able to clean your teeth and Quad Helix with your regular toothbrush.

Lingual Arch
A lingual arch is an orthodontic device which connects two molars in the upper or lower dental arch.

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