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No, the VPro Vibration Device is not waterproof. To clean, disconnect the mouthpiece from the vibration device and rinse under water.

The recommended use is one 5-minute session per day. Please consult with your doctor before exceeding the recommended usage.

Yes, you should wear your orthodontics while using the VPro.

The VPro was designed with comfort in mind so there is a gradual ramp up to full vibration. While you may not be familiar with the sensation right away, most people become accustomed to usage after just a few 5-minute sessions.

Bite down gently on the mouthpiece during use. There is no need to bite down harder than as needed to support the device.

The VPro is used for just five minutes a day, allowing you to complete your session when it’s convenient for you. Many patients choose to use the VPro as a part of their morning or nightly routine.

Charge your device. If the VPro LED turns red while charging, then the VPro is working properly but has a low charge. Charge the VPro and then begin use. If the VPro LED indicator does not light up, please check your power connection. If the device is properly plugged in, please send details to:

Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-883-8733 or email at

The VPro can take up to 5 hours to charge if it is completely out of battery. While charging, the VPro button will blink blue. When finished charging, the VPro button will blink green. If you have charged for 5 hours and there are no light indicators, please send details to:

Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-883-8733 or email at

While the use of the app is highly recommended, you can operate your VPro device without downloading the mobile app.

The VPro app allows you track your device usage, track your aligner usage, take progress pictures, and share the usage information with your doctor.

You can download the VPro Fastrack app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

First, make sure that you have internet and Bluetooth connection turned on.

Next, make sure that your VPro is charged. Your VPro must be near your mobile device to sync properly.

If your device still won’t pair after following these steps, press and hold the button on the VPro for 10 seconds. The bottom LED will turn red and the device will reboot.

Open the VPro app and follow the onboarding screens. Enter your name and email and press the “Select VPro Device” button.

Make sure your VPro is in close proximity to your new device and select it from the device selection menu. A green check should appear next to the device you selected.

Press the “Selected VPro Device” button below to confirm selection. Then, press “Get Started.”

Attempt to limit the number of other VPro devices displayed on your pairing screen by taking your mobile device and VPro to a space separate from other VPro devices.

Additionally, ensure that your VPro and your mobile device are in close proximity to each other.

The VPro displayed at the top of your app is the device with the strongest signal, meaning it is the device closest to your phone. Pair to this device.

To ensure you have successfully paired to your device, use the “Locate Device” feature present in the Settings section of the app to vibrate your device.

Yes! You can pair your VPro device to as many devices as you like.

Your VPro needs to be in Bluetooth range of any phone or tablet you wish to pair with. You will also need to be in range of any device you want to sync your usage with.

To unpair your device, navigate to settings in the VPro Fastrack app.

Select the Reset Device button. Confirm your selection and your device is now unpaired.

First, unpair your old device, by navigating to settings in the VPro app.

Select the “Reset Device” button. Confirm your selection and your device is now unpaired.

Now, you may follow the onboarding screens to pair your new device. Please refer to the FAQ above for further directions.

Select the Share button located on the Weekly View and Monthly View pages of the VPro Fastrack app.

Select "1 Month", "3 Month" or "6 Month". This represents the time period of the data you wish to share.

You will be taken to your device’s email client. You can now enter in a recipient email address. The data will populate as an attachment to the email.

Bluetooth does need to be enabled on your device in order for your VPro to sync to the app.

If you do not have Bluetooth enabled, VPro will store your data until it can sync with your device again.

As long as you enable Bluetooth on your device with your VPro nearby, you can successfully sync your data when you want.


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